BombSquad Remote App Reviews

60 add


tournament: extremely challenging. hope u can enable difficulty level tvt: super fun. hope u can improve the connection when multiple devices running in different ios version are connected

Great game!

Fun game and great idea using phones as controller.

Nice, but...

This app is very nice, but in the next update can we see the game little notification on my controller, and can we change the skins of the remote, and have more option, PLEASE?!!!!

give us this game!!!

let me play D:

The actual game?

When is the actual game coming out??

Cool but...

Could you make the actual game for iOS

Actual game please!!!

I would really love it if the real game came on the App Store. The game is super fun though.

Help us Eric !

Hi nice game excellent ! But just joystick where is the app i want play on my screen im just playing with friends. Can U add the game for iOS :)

Help us eriv

When will the game come to windows7 and appstore pleasr fast

We want to the bombsquad game

Remote is not bad but we want play on real game this is best game. You must write this game imidiately


Make BombSquad for iOS. But remote is good.


Funny one

Why there no bombsquad for iOS devices?

Its very funny game why i cant play it in my iPhone ?

So great!

Best game ever! Excellent app. Simple and effective. Loads of fun!

Bomb squad game

Please make bomb squad game for ios thanks ah


This game is great but plz make a full version for Apple because this is only the remote and also add final kill cam!

Not bad

The game is pretty cool but it would be better if it had a full version of the game

Crashes every time.

Every time I launch it, it exits INSTANTLY. Please fix.

How do you run?

This is a great idea and makes the game really fun, but I cant figure out how to run. I can run with the right trigger on my Ouya remote.


I love this game but it is best on ouya make as best as ouya is

  • send link to app